November election includes two fire commissioner races

 The three municipal governments in Teton County are guaranteed to welcome at least a few new faces after this November’s election, and in each city most of the races for council and mayor will be contested.

The deadline to file as a candidate closed on Friday at 5 p.m., and several interested members of the public waited until the final hour to file.

In Victor, current city council member Tim Wells and Will Frohlich will go head-to-head in the mayoral race. Landon Kaufman, Amy Ross, and Emily Sustick will run to fill the two open four-year council terms. Carl Kohut had also filed to run for city council, but withdrew on Sept. 11, saying that running was a "contingency plan" and that the progressive party had two candidates in the race. Councilman Dustin Green does not intend to run again to hold his seat.

Driggs saw three candidates file for its two four-year city council terms; Jen Calder and Allison Michalski are running for the first time, while Wade Kaufman is seeking to hold his seat for another four years. Councilwoman Erika Earles, who first won her seat only two years ago, does not intend to run again.

In Tetonia, Mayor Gloria Hoopes has filed to hold her seat and will run unopposed if there are no write-in candidates. Councilman Brent Schindler is running to finish the last two years of his term. He was appointed to fill Bucky Matkin’s seat in January of this year. Current council members Aaron Hansen and Nanci Garling are both running to hold their seats for four more years, but must contend with three other candidates: Blaine Ball, Justin Mehlhaff, and Josh Weltman.

If an individual decides to file as a write-in candidate for one of the city elections, the deadline to do so is Oct. 8 at 5 p.m.

Absentee ballots and early voting opens on Monday, Oct. 7 and closes Friday, Nov. 5 at the Teton County Courthouse. Citizens may only vote in city elections if they reside within city limits.

The Teton County Fire Protection District will see a race in both District 1 (south end) and District 3 (north end). Aaron Danz will challenge incumbent Scott Golden in District 1 and Bob Foster will challenge incumbent Kent Wagener in District 3. Both terms are for four years. 


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