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The third ReEnvision Victor questionnaire allows you to select photos that best represent your thoughts for future development in the different quadrants and corridors of town.

Like so many of us, the City of Victor had many of its ambitions and intentions waylaid by COVID, but the minds at city hall decided that the show must go on when it comes to updating Victor’s comprehensive plan. That’s why on June 30 people are invited to the Opportunities Walkabout, a socially distanced tour of ideas, experiences, and solutions through downtown.

Victor’s new planning administrator, Kim Kolner, plunged head first into the comprehensive plan and transportation plan update when she started working for the city in January. She said her goal when participating in committee meetings and soliciting public input is to be open to anything and everything and let people’s voices be heard.

“This is the plan for the entire city,” she said. “The more input we have, the better results we’ll get, and the better plan we’ll have.”

On Tuesday, June 30 from noon to 7 p.m., commuters, renters, business owners, property owners, and anyone who wants to satisfy their curiosity are invited to come visit some or all of the city’s exhibits along Main Street from Elm to Cedron, or get the full rundown at the old city hall if you’re short on time. People who visit all five booths will be entered to win a $50 gift card to the Victor business of their choice.

Business owners in town have been alerted, Kolner said, so they can set out sidewalk sales or outdoor dining options to add to the festive atmosphere.

“We’re trying to help each other out by getting more people circulating through town, safely spaced out, and drawing them to businesses,” she said.

She added that the event can easily be rescheduled in case of a new surge in COVID cases.

The anticipated adoption date for the new plan is now late fall, pushed back from late summer because of COVID. Kolner said that timeline doesn’t match up quite as neatly with the city’s FY21 budget adoption process, but that council can appropriate some funds for yet-to-be-determined comprehensive plan projects, while the city staff can tackle smaller, cheaper community projects such as landscaping and signage.

In tandem with the announcement of the Opportunities Walkabout, Victor has released its third online questionnaire on in English and Spanish. Part of the survey is very visual; respondents are asked to match photos of possible infrastructure, housing, streetscapes, and building design with different quadrants of town, or even upload photos of their preferred vision and elaborate on that idea. So far the first two questionnaires have garnered around 300 responses each, and Kolner hopes to reach that mark with the third as well.

“Reviewing the survey results gives us more context, and starts good conversations,” she said.


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