Tetonia, Driggs, Victor, and Teton County are still seeking candidates for the Teton County Joint Housing Authority. While seven people have applied to the new joint housing authority, the deadline for applications has been extended until Sept. 26.

The four jurisdictions approved the creation of the joint housing authority earlier this summer in order to implement the strategies laid out in the 2019 Affordable Housing Strategic Plan, a guiding policy document that was released after almost two years of work by the Affordable Housing Technical Advisory Group.

According to the strategic plan, there are several barriers to affordable housing in the valley, including short term rentals, the high cost of construction, and the lack of available multi-family zoned properties. Because of the cost and scarcity of housing, employers in the valley, especially large entities like the school district, Grand Targhee Resort, Teton Valley Health, and Teton County, have trouble finding and retaining employees.

The seven candidates who have already applied come from across the valley and represent a range of relevant fields, including real estate, construction, planning, architecture, and engineering. Only one member of the affordable housing technical advisory group has opted to apply for the housing authority.

After Sept. 26, a list of candidates will go to the council of governments, which will come to an agreement on five preferred members. The term lengths vary from one to five years.

The joint housing authority commissioner interest form is posted at www.driggsidaho.org/housing.


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