As Teton County begins the ambitious task of updating its land use code, the county planning department has invited citizens to an open house at the Driggs Senior Center on Wednesday, July 17.

From 2010 to 2012, the community engaged in the process of writing the county’s comprehensive plan, a vision and framework to enable planned growth. In 2013 the county began updating its land use code, which gives teeth to the ideas outlined in the comprehensive plan.

With funding from a Sustainable Communities Regional Planning Grant, Driggs and Victor partnered with the county to rewrite their codes. Both cities successfully adopted the updated codes, but the county failed to do so because of a lack of staff continuity and changes in administration. Now the overhaul process has started again, and the county is currently in the first phase of the update: auditing the existing code. That means input from the community.

The workshop, which will be held from 3 to 7 p.m., will include brief presentations each hour and stations where people can ask questions or give suggestions.

“The desired outcome of the workshop is to identify specific ways to improve the land use code, so that as it is updated, we can measure whether or not we actually improved things,” said county planning administrator Gary Armstrong. “We will know we are successful if at the end, we have a simple, straight forward, easy to understand land use code that will help the county achieve the vision and goals outlined in the 2012 Teton County Comp Plan.”


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