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The owner of the 11-acre property is applying to subdivide it into 46 lots and build townhouses on the southern portion.

The owner of a recently-annexed property on Highway 33 south of downtown Driggs is seeking approval for a subdivision in order to build 44 townhouses off South Bates Road.

The 11-acre property across the highway from Creekside Meadows was the subject of a year-long land use skirmish as owner Gavin Mathews attempted to annex the parcel into the City of Driggs and have it rezoned from residential to mixed use. After the city council approved the annexation the first time around, in the early months of the pandemic, Valley Advocates for Responsible Development filed a complaint that the city hadn’t provided adequate notice to citizens; in a settlement with VARD the city agreed to reconsider the application. Annexation approval was again granted in October, and the council gave the developer a rezone to neighborhood mixed use in December.

With those approvals now in place, Mathews has applied for a preliminary plat for Stone Mountain Subdivision on the southern portion of the land, which would split the property into 46 total lots. According to the application, he intends to leave the northern 6.2-acres undeveloped for now (aside from the few residential structures that are already there), and install 44 townhouses on the 4.5 acres accessed from South Bates.

As one condition of the annexation, the entire property is within the city’s design review overlay, so in June the design review advisory committee considered the application with a focus on general layout, pedestrian movement and connectivity, and a possible buffer along the eastern edge of the proposed development. The committee’s comments will be considered by the applicant as well as the Driggs Planning & Zoning Commission, which will hold a public hearing on the preliminary plat on July 14 at 6:30 p.m. P&Z will take comment during the meeting.

P&Z will make a recommendation to the city council, which will have the deciding vote. The developer will then begin construction of public improvements. After the infrastructure is completed and approved by the city, Mathews will seek a final plat approval from the city council, after which the lots may be sold.

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