As the Teton Valley Fair wrapped up last Saturday, bookended by two spectacularly successful events with pig wrestling and the Figure 8 races, 4H students were again rewarded for their yearlong commitment to livestock projects as buyers offered their generous bids.

Livestock committee member JR Wood reported that a little more than $79,000 in livestock sales were made last Friday evening for the 53 animals that made their weight for the sale. That’s down from last year’s high of 70 animals.

Wood credited the 4H students with a job well done marketing their animals to prospective buyers.

This year’s average price of a steer was $5 a pound with Denton Moulton earning the top sale purchased by Mike and Barbara Morey of CitiPass. The Moreys donated the steer to the Seniors West of the Tetons. The average lamb sold for $7.50 a pound up from last year’s $6.27 a pound. Goats averaged $7.50 a pound, the average pig priced out at $6.25 a pound up from last year’s $5.56 a pound. Turkeys averaged $450 a head up again from last year’s $328 a head.

“We buy the animals and some of them we keep to eat, but others we donate,” said Barbra Morey of supporting the 4H program. “You are doing a lot of double duty (when you donate) because you are supporting a child and you’re are giving food to community.”

The Morey’s also donated a pig and a lamb to the Teton Valley Food Pantry after the livestock sale.

“4H encourages responsibility from the children,” she added. “Raising an animal takes a lot of responsibility. When you are buying an animal, in the end you are encouraging responsibility.”

This year there were seven lambs, 28 pigs, two steer, five goats and nine turkeys at the auction.

4H students will receive money for their animal sale after they have completed their record books and turned their projects in sometime this October.

4H students will use the money earned through the livestock sale for college funds and feed for next year’s animals. The Fair Board also sells a scholarship pig at the end of the sale. Money raised from that sale will be used to help with college funding for any 4H student who completes the program. This year the scholarship pig was sold twice at the sale and went for $2,100.

The 4-H program will hold an awards banquet later this fall, complete with buckle prizes for efforts in all categories of the program. This year’s awards banquet October 7. For more information on the 4-H program, please call Chris Miller at the Extension office at 354-2961.

Livestock buyers included Barbara and Mike Morey, Wilkinson Montesano, Intermountain Aquatics, Hibbs Construction, Fall River Propane, Ace Hardware, Big Hole BBQ, Cooke & Kearsley, Teton Valley Health, Driggs Vet, Katie and Baker Salisbury, Matt’s Custom Meats, DJ Processing, Cal Ranch, Teton Ranch, High Range Graphics, Broulim’s, Corner Drug, Bank of Commerce, Driggs Stovehouse, Berry Oil, NOLS of Teton Valley, Grand Luke and Circle S Vet, Teton Valley News, Teton Valley Rodeo, Donn Larsen, Wrench It Plumbing, Action Excavation, Clair Hillman, Peter and Sara Mckellar, Ilene Wagner, Teton Valley Living, James Click, Billie Siddoway, Gary Garrison, Cisco Construction, Longhorn Corral Ranch Supply, Firth Mill & Elevator and Weber Drilling.


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