Law enforcement at Teton High School today

Teton County Sheriff Tony Liford stands outside of Teton High School this morning after the school district reported a threat of "someone bringing a gun to school." Liford and six other deputies will remain at the school throughout the day. As of Thursday morning, the sheriff's office has obtained a warrant to search IP addresses online.

Sheriff's Office to remain at high school today

Updated 8:35 a.m.

The Teton County Sheriff’s Office responded this morning to Teton High School with seven deputies including Teton County Sheriff Tony Liford in light of an anonymous tip that came through the school district’s tip line late Wednesday evening suggesting that a “someone” was bringing a gun to the school.

Liford said this morning that the Sheriff’s Office has acquired a warrant to search IP addresses through Google online in an effort to track the alleged threat. That warrant was obtained at 3 a.m. Thursday morning.

Additionally, Liford said that Idaho State Police officer Dustin Green is position in Victor and a deputy is stationed in Tetonia for added coverage. Deputies will be at Teton High School all day today.

Teton High School started the day on its regular schedule. Liford said that about 30 students did not show up for class this morning and he did not have specific reasons why. High principal Sam Zogg did not take a call from the Teton Valley News this morning.

Superintendent Monte Woolstenhulme said this morning that no further details have been provided to the school district at this time regarding the anonymous tip about a gun threat at the high school.

“Parents, we support you and if you feel you don't want your child to attend school today, we understand and will work with you,” Woolstenhulme wrote on the district’s Facebook page. “The information was only specific to Teton High School, so a text notification went out to those signed up for THS. As a reminder, any specific safety concern should be immediately reported to 911.”

Woolstenhulme is currently at a conference in Boise and has been working with administration and staff from there. This is the first tip of this nature this school year. Last year the school district received a similar tip.

Liford said as of this morning that his office is getting some new information and added that the information was not credible.

“I don’t like the anonymous tip line,” said Liford. “If you have information, then you have information. I don’t understand something that has to be anonymous. This could have been avoided with an interview before school. And the lack of empathy to the victims in Florida is enough to choke a horse and if someone truly believed this (threat) they should have contacted the Sheriff’s Office,” he added in reference to Wednesday’s school shooting.

Update: 3:30 a.m.

Anonymous tip suggest “someone bringing a gun to the high school”

Teton School District Superintendent Monte Woolstenhumle issued a school and community wide alert through text messages and social media Wednesday evening at 11:30 p.m. that the district has received, “an anonymous tip,” about “someone bringing a gun to the high school tomorrow.”

The alert further read: "Law enforcement and school administration will be supervising the entrance and hallways. If you have any details please report that immediately to the Sheriff's Office at 208-354-2323.”

The tip has been reviewed by Woolstenhulme, Teton High School principal Sam Zogg, assistant principal Brody Birch, and Sheriff Tony Liford. The administration and Sheriff's Office strongly encourage anyone with more information to contact law the Sheriff's Department immediately read the district's Facebook page.

The highs school’s phone number is 208-228-5924.

The alert was posted on the district’s Facebook page and text sent to subscribers Wednesday evening.

This story will be updated as information is available.

Para los padres latinos:

Se recibió un aviso anónimo esta noche sobre alguien que tal vez trae un arma a la escuela secundaria mañana (Teton High School). La policía y la administración escolar supervisarán la entrada y los pasillos. Si tiene algún detalle, informe inmediatamente al Sheriff al 208-354-2323. Esto ha sido revisado por el Superintendente Woolstenhulme, el administrador de THS Sr. Zogg y el Sr. Birch, y el Sheriff Liford. Cualquier persona que tenga más información por favor póngase en contacto con el Sheriff.


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