Jake Kunz appointed as new school board member

Jake Kunz

Jake Kunz was sworn in as the new school board member who will finish out Delwyn Jensen’s term after the board voted unanimously in favor of his appointment on Monday.

The five applicants who applied for Jensen’s seat include Kathleen Haar, Daniel McDonald, Kunz, Sarah McKeller and Jen Calder. Jensen resigned from his seat two months ago to avoid a conflict of interest when his wife took a counseling position at Rendezvous Upper Elementary School.

Kunz was sworn in on Monday and will finish Jensen’s term in Zone 4, which end December 2021.

Using a scoring method to rate the applicants, board members consistently scored Kunz highest earning him a top rating of 70 points, second to McKellar with 58 points, Calder with 49 points, Haar with 48 and McDonald with 30.

Kunz graduated from Teton High School before moving away from the valley and at Monday’s meeting specifically talked about teachers and coaches who were present at Monday's meeting and who influenced him as a student.

He is a former school board member from Ririe who wrote in his application that he was driven to serve on the Teton board because of his first grader who attends Victor Elementary School and is soon-to-be Kindergartener. Kunz is Vice President at Rabo Agro-finance, an agricultural businesses lender in Idaho Falls. He holds a Bachelor’s of Science in Business Management from BYI-Idaho and his application taught his varied experience in the world of financial and lending.

“My financial knowledge will be central to the execution and delivery of the district strategic plan,” wrote Kunz in his application. “My understanding of the “way things used to be,” and the desire to “move things forward,” enable me to be a valuable member of the school board.”

For more on the Monday school board meeting, please see this week’s Teton Valley News.


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