As part of a major statewide reorganization, the Idaho Department of Labor will now offer its services in person to employees and job seekers once a week in Driggs as part of the Rexburg Mobile Office.

“Our hope is to provide better service to people who need our assistance, and part of that is going to the people instead of just being in Rexburg,” said Idaho Labor director Jani Revier.

The department announced its decentralization in early July and has been staggering the transition through the state. Now representatives from Idaho Labor will devote a day each week to some of the more remote outposts of the Rexburg service area, including St. Anthony, Ashton, and Driggs. Every Tuesday at the Teton Geo Center an Idaho Labor team member will hold open office hours from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. and will also be available for appointments.

Idaho Labor offers services including unemployment insurance, training and education resources, resume assistance, mock interviews, and occasionally even financial assistance in procuring tools or uniforms necessary for certain jobs. Idaho Labor will also be meeting with members of the business community and connecting job seekers with employers in person and through the department’s free online job listing service. With unemployment at 2.9 percent, Revier hears from employers across the state about how difficult it has been to find help.

Revier said that with the department’s extensive database of service and unemployment recipients, she and her team targeted areas that needed more attention. She said rural communities around the state have been excited to welcome Idaho Labor, and the department in turn is trying to connect with existing community resources.

“We’re hoping to see where we can bring something to the table and find good synergy,” Revier said.

To get in touch with the Rexburg Mobile Office, email or call (208) 557-2501.


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