Candice Miller

The Miller Sister’s Facebook page announced a Celebration of Life for Candice Miller is being planned at the Fox Creek Fandango on Sunday, June 23.

A Celebration of Life for Candice Miller and the Fox Creek Fandango will be hosted at the Linn Canyon Ranch on Sunday, June 23.

Candice Miller died last July on Jackson Lake in Grand Teton National Park. She was part of the two-sister duo with Karee Miller and together they were known as The Miller Sisters.

The Miller sisters organized and curated the Fox Creek Fandango starting the community event in 2008 as a barbecue at the Linn Canyon Ranch. Through the years and with the help of word of mouth, the event grew to hold around 1,500 people. The event had taken a break as of 2017.

The June 23 event will feature Miles, Dirt Road, Freda Felcher, Sister Karee and the Other Brothers, One Ton Pig and Lazy Eyes. The Linn Canyon Ranch is located on 6000 South in Victor. There will be no camping before or after the event.

Fandango t-shirts designed by Alpenglow Studios will be on sale at this Thursday’s Music on Main when Sister Karee and the Other Brothers open the Summer Music Concert Series. All sale proceeds will go to support local mental wellness organizations.


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