Editor’s note: This column has been lightly edited, but the words remain authentic to the author’s voice.

So know how I was saying that I was going to be a Baker in Ireland? Ha, how funny, I’ve changed my mind again. This is my new future plan!

So I am going to be a writer. I just love this idea ever since I’ve joined Wattpad (Wattpad is a site/app that people can write on and other people can read) and started the article. It’s something I just want to do and keep it going! I love typing words onto the screen and feeling the slight burst of pride of writing whatever I wrote.

I am going to live in Alaska with my two friends Angus Smith and Kate Johnson. We are going to live in a huge house and we will all pay for it together, that is until we get older and have enough money to live on our own. We are going to live in Seward, Alaska. I always joke around with Katie and Angus about owning a peanut farm (they’re both allergic).

Angus wants to be an artist and wants to ski, what’s going on with Katie, who knows? She doesn’t even know. She says she might be a Banker, though I don’t think that’s the most fun job. Whatever though, KATIE DON’T LET THE HATERS GET YOU DOWN!

Well Katie, Angus, and I have went around Seward through Google Maps and we even found a house for sale there. Sure it was taken in 2011, who cares though? We’re going to get our hands on that house! Unless someone has moved in, then we’ll move into another house!

I am going to be a fictional author. I am going to write about fantasy and magic in kid series. Some horror too maybe. Maybe not for kids though. Maybe though. Well anyway that is my future updated! Has anyone else’s future been updated since my last article? I’ll write this article probably in 2017 talking about some other job, but for now I’m pretty satisfied with this job. Back to my house.

What I guess it will be like in the house is we’ll bicker over silly things. Like I might buy some of my favorite cereal and find it empty in the morning, then I would accuse Angus since Kate is too polite. She would wait until morning to ask if she could have some. I’m not saying Angus is rude, he is just more likely to steal cereal at 3:00 AM. Then Angus would go pointing fingers at Katie, then Katie would argue back. Then I would say,“Fine! I’ll go get some more!” Then the next night I would catch KATIE EATING MY CEREAL! She knew I would blame Angus, I always knew there was something up in all that innocence and manners. Then I would get inspired and write a story about a thief being the main character’s best friend or whatever. So let this be a warning to both Angus and Kate; I know you ate my cereal and are both charged guilty when it happens!

 We are also going to have a cat if pets are allowed, then we are going to have a dog when we’re ready for more responsibility. Well that’s all for now, here’s a small story for you all:

I trudged through the forest wearily. I don’t remember the last time I had slept or eaten. All I can remember is that I have to keep going, they needed me! If I didn’t make it with the magical wand in my backpack I don’t know how long they would last with the hoards of dragons attacking the city.

I rubbed my hands quickly along my bare arms. I hadn’t expected snow when I left my village. It had been the middle of Summer. I wondered if I had traveled so far that, wherever I was, had different seasons than back in Silvitia. I shook my head, it made no sense. My grandpa had taken me to Pilten before, it had been Summer in Silvitia and in Pilten.

I remembered the beautiful festival there, the bright colors and music. The laughter and joy. I doubted any of that was still there. I hoped Pilten was still beautiful as before. Even with the dragons attacking it.

I gulped and dove to the ground as a mighty roar shook the Earth making me tremble from fear and excitement. I had never seen a Dragon before. Stories and art didn’t count. They couldn’t show the fear that a dragon gave you. They couldn’t even get close to echoing the huge beasts' size. That’s what Grandpa said.

I was told to keep to the ground and not look into the sky if I was to see a Dragon. It was because if I looked at a Dragon they would be able to sense the magic I carried in my sack. Then if it looked at me I would be paralyzed with the odd magic that dragons possessed.

Curiosity got the best of me. I looked up and gasped at the beauty of the beast I looked at. Even from the good distance I was from the dragon I could make out the smooth texture of its teal and sand-colored scales. It had a large ruff that shimmered in the Winter sun. Its teal scales danced brightly and seemed to move. Its wingspan was easily 30 meters. Then it looked down.

It’s obsidian black eyes glared down at me, made me freeze. I swear my heart froze for a second as well. It’s eyes still awed me though. Though the eye was jet black emotions still glittered in them. I gasped at the emotions it showed me, it first seemed to have been fearing something. Then when it saw me its eyes narrowed into tiny slits with murderous intentions. I wanted to cry out as the dragon flew to me. I couldn’t though. My throat tightened and tears sprung to my eyes, I was still frozen though.

The dragon landed a foot away from me. Then swiped my bag off of my back, it tore it open and the most valuable thing in the world slipped out. A stick slipped out. It would be just a stick if it weren’t for the glittering red stone at the tip. The dragon smirked and swiped it up. Then looked back at me, opened its mouth, then the world went blank.

Hoped you enjoyed, and if you don’t want the story to end on a bad note think of this; maybe the dragon wasn’t old enough to produce flames and just a gas that would knock out it’s victim. Now that truly is it. BYEE

Kaya is a fifth-grader at Rendezvous Upper Elementary in Driggs. She loves cats, reading and her little brother. Look for her words every other week in the TVN.