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Editor’s note: This column has been lightly edited, but the words remain authentic to the author’s voice.

 I live a pretty healthy life. I’m active and get some pretty good food as well. It’s very easy to stay active hear in Teton Valley, we have many activities to do! Even in Winter... For example; Snowboarding, Skiing, Swimming, Ice Skating, Cross Country, Hockey, Snow biking, Snowball fights and I could go on forever and ever. So those are only a few things ;D (Translation; Winky face). My Mom and Ben (Step-dad) recently bought half a cow. No, not a living one silly! We got the tasty meat! It’s from a Local Farmer and grass fed. We got it from Megan and Travis Allen. THANK YOU! It is very tasty and we taste the difference from store bought meat. We plan on getting more too (Once we’re done with our present one of course). So far we have made hamburgers, meatloaf and steak. Very tasty! We also don’t just get local meat we like to eat local food.

In Summer we have our Garden we grow plants in. And something we’ve been eating a lot too is some tasty kale. I love kale! You could even give me some raw kale and I’d eat it! We eat it in all different ways too, we eat it in baked kale, fried kale and steamed kale. Very good, My mom says it’s a super food!

Something I like to do every time before I leave or enter the house is a try and do a pull-up on a bar we have in our house. So that’s fun. Me, Gage and Katie also walk to school in Winter and ride our bikes once it get’s warm enough so we don’t slip.

 Story time!

It’s been centuries and we have now got the technology to figure out how to find out humans' last words. This has lead to millions of mysteries being solved, for example, Big-foot did exist and he didn’t really appreciate everyone chasing after him, collecting fur and... other things.

But this one baffled David. He tapped the side of his head with his pen as he tried decoding the words the old man had said. As he thought he didn’t notice that his young student had joined his side.

“So what are the words?” David jumped as Jackie sat by his side.

“It doesn’t make sense,” David muttered.

“Shoot,” Jackie said and leaned back into her chair, “Y’know. What are they?”

“The kittens are coming,” Then David laughed, this old man must be playing jokes on him.

That was what David remembered that day when the kittens invaded Earth and wiped out human population.

Kaya is a fifth-grader at Rendezvous Upper Elementary in Driggs. She loves cats, reading and her little brother. Look for her words every other week in the TVN.