Now preacher John had a job to do- to get old Sam baptized. But Sam wouldn’t listen, he was proud to be a missin’, that heavenly, spiritual guise.

Well the preacher’s mind was made up for sure. That God-fearin’ man with a goal. So he hopped in his buggy with his hat down tight, and set out to save Sam’s soul.

The preacher got there just in time to see Sam dealin’ with that filly, a horse that stomped Sam’s best hired hand, who left feelin’ mighty silly.

Now the preacher said to Sam that day, “you’re a-needin’of the spirit.” Sam’s reply was fast, his voice did blast, “I really don’t want to hear it.”

Well the preacher was a clever man. He knew just what to do. He said “Sam if I ride that horse, will you join the Lord and his crew?”

Sam’s first concern was for the man who gave up all his days, to see a sinner just like him, who wouldn’t change his ways.

Well Sam gave in to Preacher’s bid. He knew he wouldn’t lose. Cuz every man who’d climbed that seat had always paid their dues.

Sam cinched the saddle extra tight to hold the preacher’s weight. John looked into Sam’s inner soul. “Let’s open up the gate.”

That horse was buckin’, blowin’ snot, what else was she to do. She’d never had a rider stay beyond a count of two.

The rider’s face was calm no less. He knew what he did best. His days before the cloth were spent as the buckin’ horses’ guest.

The preacher’s ride was spread throughout. His fame now known to all. Would Sam negate his worthy fate? I’d say that’s tough to call.

But Sam was taught all through his life- be honest keep your word. That day the preacher swelled his flock with water Sam incurred.

— Bryce Angell