Teton Rock Gym expands opportunities for kids and families to learn to climb

At any given time, in addition to her own three dogs, two horses, and several chickens, Grace Drummond is keeping an eye on some assortment of abandoned puppies, foster dogs who need extra attention, and boarding clients on her Victor property, which is known to her friends as Graceland.

When you imagine an animal acting like a full-on diva, what sort of critter comes to mind? Perhaps an aloof cat, only doling out affection when her bowl is empty. Or even a bird, constantly preening and admiring himself with adoring chirps in the mirror.

When Pam Walker accepted the position of Executive Director of the Education Foundation of Teton Valley in 2015, her goal was eventually to build an endowment for the organization. Thanks to two anonymous donors, her dream is coming true.

The Community Foundation of Teton Valley announced today that it has welcomed two new Board members and designated a new Board Emeritus, as well as established new Board and committee roles. Scott Pierson and Shawn Meisl join the Foundation Board, Nancy Siverd will continue her leadership ro…

Mountain Bike the Tetons is delighted to announce that, after a search that drew many qualified candidates, we have selected Lindsay Nohl of Victor, Idaho, as our next Executive Director.

While the pandemic has halted the normal in-person operation of the Teton Valley Winter Farmer’s Market, there’s now a way to purchase local goods from valley farmers and producers via a new online platform. Rob Dupré of Chasing Paradise — a local producer of mead, hot sauce, and other condi…