Everyone deserves fresh flowers!

This picture encapsulates the “raison d’etre” of our Teton Valley Farmer’s Market: we strive to bring joy and fresh bounty to our community every week, all season long. Although in some ways this year’s Market is different from past years, the above underlying premise remains intact.

In fact, others around the state have noticed our Market and its contribution to our community and visitors. Last week, our Market Manager, Karen, was contacted by a Driggs local, Tessa Gomm. Tessa’s sister, Travis Pitcher of Minus Plus Studio, is currently working on Governor Little’s “ONE Idaho” Covid-19 Reopening promotional video which targets diverse small businesses around the state. Tessa had seen our Market in progress, looked up our website, and gave Karen a call to see if Minus Plus Studio could video tape an interview at our next Market. Teton Valley Farmer’s Market will be the only Market in the state to be represented! Our audio-visual guru and Market Board member Brian McDermott stepped up to be the helping hand “on the scene” this past Friday. Thank you, Brian! And, it was — “Roll ‘em!”

Following the shoot, I was keen to ask Karen what sorts of questions they had asked. “Mostly about the measures we have taken to keep the Market safe for vendors and the public,” she began. “I kept the tone hopeful.”

“They also asked how the vendors and customers were reacting to the ‘new rules’, and I told them on balance everyone was following protocol. Each week, more people are stopping at our hand-wash stations to wash their hands prior to entering the Market area, and more are wearing masks. And we continue to strongly discourage (think ‘don’t allow’) dogs, even on leash, from being brought into the Market.”

We paused our post-shoot discussion to look out at the happy businesses going on in front of us. Indeed, it was the busiest Market of the season!

“I also told the interviewers that as we, the Board and I, went through the planning process, all concerns raised about safety were aired at the Board level,” Karen continued. “We are hopeful the Market will continue to attract more community members and visitors AND keep them safe as they gather the bounty of Teton Valley and near surrounds.”

Meanwhile, just up the street at Mugler Plaza, the first Artisans At Mugler was getting underway. Alison Brush and Fallon Ryan from the Downtown Driggs Association were there to help the artisans get settled in their new spots on the Plaza. A handsome, brand new wooden fence now defines this lovely niche in downtown Driggs, keeping it separate from what was once a parking lot and is now a building site to the west. Following my chat with Karen, I was keen to see how our other Teton Valley Farmer’s Market contingent was getting along, so I took a stroll up Main...

Alison and Fallon were on hand to greet me. “We’re excited to promote the works of our local artisans in collaboration with the Teton Valley Farmer’s Market. Hosting them at Mugler Plaza is a wonderful way for the Downtown Driggs Association to continue free arts-based programming into downtown,” Alison said smiling.

And here’s the line-up!

· Simple Finkel — All-natural deodorant, lip balm and lotion; and, earrings, hair pins and necklaces, all made with her “signature seeds” incorporated.

· A Snail’s Pace — Idaho-themed slab ceramic pieces, jewelry, tree ornaments, block prints, cuticle nail oil, and dried herb/floral arrangements.

· Close Knit Weavers — Woven and knitted clothing and scarves.

· Helen Saey ART — Original art and prints, hats, bags, patches, stickers and tees with her art work on them.

· Chelsea Pottery Co. — Contemporary ceramics, dinnerware and other functional products that are timeless additions to any home. All made with food-safe glazes and are dishwasher/microwave/oven-safe unless otherwise noted.

· Plain & Jane Candles — Locally-sourced beeswax/soy candles, lip balm, and body scrub products.

· ART By BIRD — Original paintings on canvas and wood. Art prints, guitar hangers, entry coat racks, and original music on CD and vinyl.

· The Peaceful Pisces — Unique earrings and necklaces.

· Taiga Marthens — Metal Sculpture and Art, shall be here next week, July 3rd. Taiga uses upcycled and found materials fused together to create inspired art for sacred spaces, gardens and landscapes.

The Artisans will be at Mugler Plaza every Friday from now through September 11th.

Thank you, Downtown Driggs Association for sponsoring them this season!