When Rebekah Donley first opened the doors of Victor PT in January 2020, she couldn’t have known that it was shaping up to be a potentially rocky time to launch a new business. But despite the dynamic challenges of the pandemic, Donley has built a thriving business and is offering help to a diverse group of community members. In collaboration with Wright Fitness — owned by local athlete and trainer Crystal Wright — Victor PT provides fitness, guidance, and support with a special focus on active mountain athletes and moms.

Donley relishes the opportunity to work with such a diverse group in a small community like Teton Valley. “You get to wear many hats and have lots of different cases — some simple, and some really complex,” she said. Her specialties, physical therapy and rehabilitative Pilates, are excellent for anyone recovering from an injury or surgery, getting into a more intensive workout routine, or navigating the unique physical challenges of pregnancy and postpartum.

When it comes to caring for moms (a group somewhat notorious for putting their own care on the back burner), Donley is passionate about helping them stay strong and pain-free all throughout their pregnancy journeys, as well as afterwards. Pilates, she explained, is an ideal way to develop strength and flexibility in order to avoid back pain or other ailments. Donley is also working with Streubel Physical Therapy in Driggs to provide pelvic floor therapy in addition to Pilates to offer holistic support to mothers recovering from childbirth.

New moms aren’t the only ones that Donley and Wright are supporting on their fitness journeys. Through an innovative program that Donley has named “Sweaty Therapy,” she provides one-on-one or small group guidance for women who are just beginning (or rediscovering) work toward their own fitness goals. “It’s an eight-week personalized program to help you transition into an independent gym program or into group fitness classes,” Donley explained. Helping individuals shatter a sense of intimidation around the gym, and helping them develop confidence when it comes to exercising in a way that is not only safe but productive, Wright and Donley make getting in shape attainable and fun.

“This really was one of the hardest years to start a new gym with the impact of Covid,” reflects Wright. “But we are definitely not giving up! We’re so thrilled to keep growing our fitness community in Victor, and are excited for what’s next.”

The gym — located a couple of blocks from downtown Victor on Cedron — is conveniently located, and offers group classes, personalized training, and 24-hour access to members. Of course, the team is dedicated to maintaining the highest standards of safety through mask-wearing and cleaning protocols. Members can also enjoy live group fitness classes via Zoom.

Donley and Wright’s philosophy when it comes to defending yourself against all kinds of ailments, whether Covid or a backcountry joint blowout, is simple: “If you’re the healthiest you can be, you’re most likely to be able to get through those things okay!”