Formerly an ER nurse, Mac Sullivan has found a more relaxing and sustainable way to provide healing energy to others through hypnotherapy.

Soul Good Hypnotherapy offers guided mental exploration, relaxation

With a steady, calming voice, big earrings, and a kind smile, Mac Sullivan is what you’d imagine a hypnotherapist would look like, but she only heard of hypnotherapy from a friend a few years ago; Sullivan spent most of her healing career as an ER nurse.

“Working in the ER is chaos, you’re assisting people when they’re so vulnerable and in pain, but then you never see them again,” she said about her 25 years on the job, mostly spent in Jackson. “I wanted to find a way to guide and assist people while building a powerful connection with them over time. Then my friend walked into my living room and said, ‘do you know about hypnotherapy?’”

Intrigued, Sullivan started doing research, then attended the Hypnotherapy Academy of America in Albuquerque. That was three years ago, and she’s been practicing as Soul Good Hypnotherapy ever since, most recently in a cozy office space above Sage Realty on Main Street in Driggs.

While smoking cessation and weight loss are the most commonly known applications for hypnosis, Sullivan sees a broader spectrum of maladies and issues here in Teton Valley: anxiety, pain, trauma, low self-esteem, lack of confidence, insomnia, stress.

“We’re such warriors,” she mused. “The more we pack into our day and the busier we can say we are—it’s a badge of honor. We need to get away from that paradigm and create a new story about ourselves, about the life we want.”

Her role, she says, is to untangle the preconceptions people have about themselves, often from childhood, and build new truths and intentions by showing them how to contact their inner wisdom.

“People don’t realize they practice self-hypnosis naturally themselves several times a day, whether it’s daydreaming or going into a trance. Our brains need to rest,” Sullivan said. “Hypnotherapy is one of the ways to soften our analytical, logical, conscious mind and enter into the realm of our subconscious where we can find the limiting beliefs we carry about ourselves.”

After a session of hypnotherapy, she sends clients home with assignments (she prefers the term “accelerators”) to continue the work of dealing with their negative thought track and finding clarity.

Generally a client will see results in between three and six sessions, or sometimes up to ten. Each session is $100. Visit or text (208) 351-5561 to learn more.

She said some clients have found deeper, more pervasive relaxation during sessions than they’ve achieved in a long time, if ever. “When someone is truly relaxed, that’s when they can truly heal, and bring a different perception to their lives.”

She enjoys being a part of the extensive local healing community. “I think it’s the Tetons. They’re healing mountains that attract incredible energy.” She hopes to set up a monthly information booth during the Saturday craft fair in Driggs and invite other healers to provide education about their wellness services.

“Hypnotherapy, accelerators, other modalities, none of them are a magic bullet, they’re all tools in a backpack,” Sullivan said. “But hypnotherapy is such a powerful way to change the stories you tell yourself.”