Fall River Rural Electric Cooperative recently awarded scholarships totaling more than $70,000 to local area students whose parents or guardians are members of Fall River Electric. A “member” is anyone who receives electric service from Fall River, whether at a permanent residence, a vacation property or commercial business.

The scholarship program is funded by donations from owner-members of the Cooperative as well as unclaimed Patronage Capital by former members who have moved away from our service territory and have not provided Fall River Electric with an accurate forwarding address. Over the history of this program, Fall River Electric has awarded over a half million dollars in scholarships to deserving students.

Each Fall River Electric scholarship is valued at $2,400 and disbursed annually in increments of $600 over a four-year period, as long as the student the scholarship has been awarded to continues their education.

The following eleven graduating Teton High School students who are planning to continue their education this fall received scholarships: Cameron Birch, Ella Hundere Dahlgren, Sofie Graupner, Claudia James, Jade Moosman, Joni Moyer, Janie Nelson, Taryn Paradis, Myra Rudolph, Sophia Sperber and Hannah Wilson.

“We see these scholarships as an investment in the future and to help provide opportunities to children of our members to receive the education needed to improve their life and the lives of their families,” said Fall River Electric’s CEO Bryan Case. “It is our hope that one day these exceptional students will return to our area and perhaps work for the Cooperative.”

Scholarship applications for 2020 will be accepted early next year and the application forms will be available on Fall River Electric’s website at www.fallriverelectric.com.

About Fall River Electric

Fall River is a customer-owned, nonprofit electric utility providing over 17,000 connections in portions of three states including eastern Idaho, western Wyoming and southwest Montana. Fall River Electric is committed to safely and economically provide reliable energy and other services which bring value to its membership.


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