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Mama goat Oreo delivered three kids late last week — named Single, Double, and Mega Stuff. They’re among the kids that Winter Winds is inviting community members to snuggle.

Winter Winds Farm welcomes visitors for Snuggle Sessions with baby goats

As of Easter Monday, the Winter Winds Farm is celebrating the arrival of fifteen new kids. And in coming weeks, they’re expecting a whole bunch more. If scrolling their Instagram feed doesn’t fill your need for all of the baby goat cuteness, fear not. Snuggle Sessions are here.

”Our first kidding season is going pretty well though it started about a week earlier than we expected. So we had to finish mucking out the barn while watching for signs of labor! We are lucky that our senior cheesemaker, Lacey McNeff, loves goats as much as she loves making cheese. Having an extra set of hands and eyes around has certainly made things easier. As of Easter Monday, six goats have kidded with 15 kids. We still have a long way to go but are excited for each birth. We are excited to introduce the new goats to the community!” said farm owners Jessica Konrath and Mark Farmer.

Winter Winds Farm, a goat farm off 4000S in Victor that produces artisan cheese and soap, is inviting visitors to join them for a Snuggle Session with the farm’s newest additions. Each Saturday afternoon in May, there are two opportunities to spend a couple of hours enjoying the company of baby goats.

It’s the definition of a win-win, explain Farmer and Konrath. “Goats are very social and curious animals. When they aren’t running, jumping, bucking, and playing with each other they love to stay warm in cuddle piles or in the arms and laps of visitors. Snuggle sessions are an excellent way to help socialize the kids and teach them that people are awesome.” The baby goats benefit from the affection and socialization, and the humans — in addition to a substantial helping of cuteness — get the opportunity to learn more about goats and the farm.

“You could say that our journey to Winter Winds Farm started at a Snuggle Session at Caramont Farms in Charlottesville, Virginia. That is where Jessica first fell in love with goats,” said Farmer. “We hope that our visitors will also fall in love with goats. They are such great animals and the more time you spend with them the more special they become.”

Konrath and Farmer explained that the barnyard babies are extremely affectionate and fun to interact with. “Baby goats are the best! When they are real young they love to be kept warm and held. They will just melt in your arms. When they are older they just want to run, jump, bounce, and play. Anything can be a jungle gym for them to play on.” Of course, they remind interested visitors, Winter Winds is a working farm and that animals can occasionally be unpredictable. While the goats are not aggressive, they’re known to nibble and nudge, so they recommend dressing accordingly: clothes you don’t mind getting dirty, without loose strings or dangling jewelry, and securing long hair.

Cheese, soap, and merchandise will be available for purchase at the Snuggle Sessions, and the staff will be available to answer any questions that visitors have.

Tickets for the May Snuggle Sessions are available on the Winter Winds Farm website. They’re $5 each, all ages are welcome, and there are a limited number of spaces. So if you need a snuggle fix with the cutest kids around, make your reservation now.