Julie and Warren Kaufman received a 25-year service award for recording daily temperature, rainfall, and snowfall data on their property in Alta.

On June 27, 2019, NOAA/NWS presented Julie and Warren Kaufman a 25-year Length-of-Service award for recording daily temperature, rainfall, and snowfall data on their property in Alta. In fact, weather and climate data has been recorded and reported by the Kaufman family at their farm since 1956. Julie Kaufman has been checking temperature and precipitation gauges for the weather service for 25 of the 63 years that the manual weather station has been located on the family farm. There has been a manual weather/climate station near Alta for 110 years—located on the Kaufman Farm for well over half that time.

The Kaufmans are one of 12,000 individuals and families nationwide that keep the weather service informed through the Volunteer Cooperative Observer Network. The climate data collected by the volunteers like Julie Kaufman is used by many different scientists to include climatologists, hydrologists, and research meteorologists. The climate data that has been collected by the Kaufman family is very valuable to the scientific community since there is a very long record of continuous data.

Besides receiving length-of-service awards, the Kaufman family has also received several awards for special, distinguished, and sustained achievement as a volunteer cooperative weather observer for the national weather service. These honors include the Benjamin Franklin, John Campanius Holm, and Thomas Jefferson Awards.


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