A watercolor rendering of the new additions at Grand Teton Distillery.

The Grand Teton Distillery has broken ground on new renovations set to be completed by spring of 2022.

This will be the second expansion for the distillery, and it is commemorating its 10th anniversary.

The popular distillery, known for producing vodkas, whiskeys, and bourbons, is setting up to not only increase its size but also reduce its environmental footprint.

The distillery is working with local architect Rene Lussler of Better By Design and will constitute additions that both the business and visitors will utilize.

Workers have already broken ground on the new 8,000 square foot building, with 2,000 square feet dedicated to a new tasting room.

In a press release, Vice President Andrew Boczar told of how the distillery will benefit from the new building.

“We’re excited to create a space that will finally be able to accommodate more guests,” Boczar said. “We’ve outgrown both our warehouse and tasting room.”

The new tasting room will be able to accommodate up to 50 guests, a marked increase from the current tasting room.

“As we enter our tenth year, we’re delighted to be able to welcome even more of the community along with tour buses — and we’re looking forward to increasing production at the same time,” said Boczar.

As far as making the distillery less reliant on traditional power sources, a grant application has been submitted to enable solar panels to be installed on the south-facing roof of the new building.

Also, vapors from the distilling process will be used to supply ambient heat to the building, taking some of the burden off of traditional energy sources.

Pre-expansion, the distillery is currently going through over 240,000 pounds of Idaho potatoes to produce the spirits.

Grand Teton’s production will see an increase as a result of the new additions, with a new goal of 50,000 nine-liter cases set to be made and distributed as a result.

The distillery supplies vendors throughout the West and has garnered national critical acclaim.

Boczar stated in an email he expects the outside walls to be up and completed by November and the insides to be finished sometime next spring.