4th of July

After canceling all 4th of July events in 2020, the Victor City Council has unanimously decided to move ahead with planning all elements of a traditional celebration this year.

Victor City Council has approved the planning of the full complement of events at the summer celebration

Last week the Victor City Council unanimously voted to forge ahead with planning all of the usual events at the community’s 4th of July Celebration, while acknowledging the need to remain flexible due to the pandemic.

City administrator Olivia Goodale recommended moving ahead with planning as it takes a great deal of time and capacity to get these events arranged. “We recommend forging ahead with planning a traditional 4th of July with the caveat that depending on where we are in the pandemic, we can adjust or cancel as necessary,” she said at the council’s meeting on March 24.

Mayor Will Frohlich agreed, reiterating the amount of time needed to plan the scale of events for the mid-summer celebration, as well as hope that increasing vaccine availability in Idaho will allow somewhat of a return to normalcy in coming months. Councilwomen supported the recommendation, and acknowledged that the community sorely missed this gathering and others over the past year, and that there is widespread excitement and anticipation for holiday celebrations, music, and other events.

As of now, the City of Victor is moving ahead with planning the Backstreet Mile, Flag Ceremony, Community Breakfast, Craft Fair, Parade, Book Fair, and musical entertainment, all to be held on Saturday, July 3.