The morning was spent picking and plucking, gathering and gleaning from local farms and hothouses with the afternoon spent quite literally licking plates after devouring piles of good food.

Last week the Alta School dug deep with Full Circle Education. “This was about showing kids that they could hop on their school bus and pick out food for the day’s lunch and with those ingredients, create simple, everyday meals,” said Franny Weikert, the education coordinator with Full Circle. “To do that in a community setting was really special,” she added.

Students from kindergarten to sixth grade stopped at various local farms from Clawson Greens to Mad Mountain Greenery, Purely By Chance Farms, Morning Dew Mushrooms and of course, the student’s own greenhouses at the Alta School, gathering food and knowledge to serve up later that day.

“Because we live in a place without a long growing season, kids learn out of the box thinking of what it means to grow in Teton Valley,” said Travis Gay, the executive director for Full Circle.

This is evident with student presentations in between lunch service at Warbird’s Cafe in Driggs. Deagan, a sixth grader, was impressed with Clawson Greens’ ability to grow year-round using LED lights and hydroponic growing techniques. Willow was just as impressed with Morning Dew Mushrooms and the variety in which the local farm produces.

While the students gush about the morning adventures picking out food for lunch, Lauren and David Hugo bounced around the Warbird’s Cafe kitchen ensuring that lunch service is running smoothly. The Hugos have roots with Shelburne Farms, one of the premier teaching fairs in United States, a gift for Teton Valley, Gay notes. And the kitchen was humming with food prep as Lauren showed students how to cut greens and radishes for salad while students got fired up to cook pizza just outside the kitchen using the day’s bounty.

Full Circle has three main school programs in the valley — the Community School of Teton Valley, the Alta School and the Tetonia School. The staff is hopeful to provide the same Farm to Fork field trips to these schools as well and plan to apply for grants that will provide the same opportunities to other school in the valley.