If you think the Fair is just jams and jellies, you may want to surprise yourself this week by attending the Teton Valley Fair.

The Teton County Fair Board and the army of volunteers, parents and 4H students welcome you to the 2019 Teton Valley Fair rolling out an amazing line-up of some of the valley’s favorite events this Saturday, August 3.

The Teton Valley Fair and all who work to pay tribute and homage to the valley’s great agricultural heritage offers not only the best on four legs, but you are not going to want to miss Pig Wrestling, Figure 8 Races, dancing, food, music, the rodeo and every thing in-between.

The 4H program is the county’s largest student organization in the valley and these students have logged tireless hours to showcase the very best to the community. Don’t miss their work on display in the Exhibit Hall all next week. And find your neighbors and friends who are trying their hand at a ribbon or two with the open class competition.

You can also enter to win your chance at $100 in three contests:

Freezer Jam tasting contest

Enter 1/2 pint of your best freezer jam. Bring your jam in a resealable jar, plastic or glass and include the recipe. Entries will be judged on appearance, quality, taste and overall presentation.

Potato Creations (Art) contest

Using real Teton Valley potatoe(s) create your favorite animal found here in Teton Valley. It can be wildlife or domestic animals. Your creation will be judged on creativity and presentation.

Flower Arrangement using recycled items contest

Create a flower arrangement using an old item for the planter. Recycle something from our agricultural past and use either potted plants or cut flowers in the arrangement or both. Judging will be based on creativity, originality and presentation.

This year’s fair was themed “Celebrating the Bounty of Our County,” and will feature all the traditional favorites too including the 4H scholarship dinner, livestock auction and horse pull event.

There is something special planned every day at the fairgrounds, so if you can’t make it one day, don’t worry, you have 10 days to make it up.

On Tuesday, Aug. 6 from noon until 7 p.m. the fair board will be accepting all open class submissions at the Exhibit Hall. A list of submission departments may be found in the fair book at various stores around the valley or online at www.tetonvalleynews.net.

See this year’s schedule below!


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