Teton Valley Community Recycling has just announced the first round of rebates for construction and demolition waste sorting through the DEQ Source Reduction grant.

A total of $6,000 in cash and services was disbursed in the first round of applications.

Reimbursements and free garbage services will be issued to the following applicants for our grant: Dan Powers of Powers Builders Inc., Adam Riley of Teton Timberframe, Grant Wilson of Roaring Fork Construction, Brady Barkdull of Wydaho Construction, and DIY renovators Sheila Blackmun and Danny Mctigue.

TVCR has extended the application deadline until May 31. Builders and remodelers are encouraged to apply for the remaining $9,000 of rebates currently available by visiting tetonrecycling.org and clicking the link for our 2019 C&D Waste Sorting Reimbursement Program. If you don’t apply, we can’t give you the money or free services.

The TVCR 2019 Waste Sorting Rebate program is available to anyone in the county building or remodeling a structure including self-haulers or RAD Curbside customers, small projects to large, DIY or commercial contractors.

First round awards were given to projects in Victor, Driggs, and Tetonia and range from small remodels to multi-house construction to barn demolitions to single family homes. We will be providing cash rebates for “clean” sorted lumber loads as well as covering the costs of curbside trash disposal at job sites to prevent lunch waste and miscellaneous trash from contaminating the sorted scrap lumber. Several job sites qualified for free cardboard recycling dumpsters to manage their corrugated cardboard waste from appliances and other finishing work.

Through this program we aim to increase awareness of the significant cost savings you can earn year-round by sorting your waste rather than sending it all to the landfill. Scrap wood, metal, yard waste, and other materials are valuable for reuse and resale, benefitting our county financially and reducing our landfill liability. You’ll save money with each sorted load you bring – and reduce the risk of a tax increase if contamination is discovered in the groundwater either at our Transfer Station or the landfill in Circular Butte where our trash is dumped. Sorting also reduces the number of trucks transporting our trash almost 100 miles away.

For more information, contact tetonrecycling@gmail.com.


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