The Best of Teton Valley 2021

This was the introduction written in our first Best of Teton Valley publication in 2016, five years ago. We think it sums up our intent pretty darn well.

We were recently tasked to come up with a statement about what makes Teton Valley great. The answer was easy: “We love Teton Valley because of the people”. While some people might challenge the truth of this sentiment given the amazing beauty we are surrounded with or the often-noted divided nature of our community, we strongly believe that any division can be overcome by sharing or focusing on one thing we all have in common. From the results the easiest to point to is our mutual love for our surroundings.

We all have so much more in common than is ever conveyed or written about. The drive, will and generosity of the people that live here both inspires and challenges us.

We have some amazing businesses that deserve much appreciation for making our lives better in so many ways. The businesses and people of our community are resilient and resourceful and have figured out a way to make it work. They donate and support to the various causes while working to improve the quality of life for everyone.

The businesses, individuals and nonprofits are the backbone of this community who provide much needed services that we all depend on and amenities that not only drive tourism, but enrich all of our lives daily. So it seemed only fitting that we should draw attention to these people and the service they provide in our “Best of Teton Valley.”

It was certainly not easy to choose all of the right categories. Within such a small town, there are many businesses that could have their own category, and we’ll keep adding categories going forward.

Additionally, we included nonprofits as a category because we know they work tirelessly to improve the quality of all of our lives and we wanted only to recognize them for their efforts. It seemed by leaving them out, we weren’t recognizing the same drive, will, and efforts to equally improve the infrastructure and the amenities we have come to rely on.

We hope the voting period provided you a moment to reflect and appreciate all local businesses and the dedication it takes to stay in business. Please continue to support all of our local businesses and shop or buy local whenever possible!

To celebrate the fifth year of the contest, and to show our appreciation for the unprecedented number of people who voted, we’ll be putting out a magazine next month that will serve as a directory and guide to the Best of Teton Valley. Pick one up as soon as possible, and mark your calendar to vote in next year’s contest.

Thanks for voting!

-From the Teton Valley News and the Teton Valley Chamber of Commerce

Family Matters

Best Childcare

1st: Little Learning Academy

2nd: ABC — Above and Beyond the Classroom

3rd: Head Start Driggs

Best Summer Camp

1st: Teton Arts Council

2nd: Grand Targhee Kids Camp

3rd: Learning Academy of Teton Valley

Favorite Teacher

1st: Diane Green, THS

2nd: Susan Christensen, TMS

3rd: Katie Rose Griffith, Mountain Academy

Best After School Activity

1st: Maker Space at Driggs Library

2nd: ABC — Above and Beyond the Classroom

3rd: Teton Arts Council

Fresh Air

Best Teton Valley Experience

1st: Music on Main

2nd: Grand Targhee

3rd: The Spud Drive-In

Best Flyfishing Guide

1st: Tom Cleary, Teton Valley Lodge

2nd: Erik White, WorldCast Anglers

Tied for 3rd: Joey Maxim, WorldCast Anglers; Hope Strong, WorldCast Anglers

Best Golf Course

1st: Teton Reserve

2nd: The Links at Teton Peaks

3rd: Targhee Village Golf Course

Best Bike Shop

1st: Fitzgerald’s Bicycles

2nd: Peaked Sports

3rd: Habitat

Best Ski Shop

1st: Peaked Sports

2nd: Yostmark Mountain Equipment

3rd: Habitat

Favorite Farm

1st: Cosmic Apple Gardens

2nd: Dusty Hound Farms

3rd: Teton Full Circle Farm

Best in Rec Tech

1st: 22 Designs

2nd: Sego Ski Co.

3rd: Liquid Hardware

Healthy Living

Break a Sweat

1st: Targhee Athletics

2nd: Fit & Fall Proof at the Senior Center

3rd: Anytime Fitness

Pamper Yourself

1st: Stillwaters Spa & Salon at Teton Springs

2nd: CRYO Therapy Idaho

3rd: Elevate Salon

Best Massage

1st: Heather Stewart

2nd: Kate Day

3rd: Kathy Popovich

Best Yoga Instructor

1st: Connie Tyler

2nd: Kari Swenson

3rd: Brice Nelson

Best Physical Therapy

1st: Streubel Physical Therapy

2nd: High Peaks Physical Therapy

3rd: Eagle Orthopedic & Sports

Best Dentist

1st: Dr. Stuart Marshall — Cottonwood Dental Care

2nd: Dr. Ray Cherry, Grand Teton Dental Care

3rd: Dr. Tristan Taylor, Mountain River Dental

Best Medical Provider

1st: Anna Gunderson

2nd: Kristen Coburn, C-FNP

3rd: Ellie MacKinnon

Best Pharmacy

1st: Corner Drug

2nd: Broulim’s

3rd: Victor Drug

Best Veterinarian

1st: Driggs Veterinary Clinic

2nd: Circle S Mobile Veterinary Services

3rd: Victor Veterinary Hospital

Menu Musts

Best Breakfast

1st: Badger Creek Cafe

2nd: Seniors West of the Tetons Breakfast Burritos at the Farmers Market

3rd: Provisions Local Kitchen

Best Coffee Shop

1st: Rise Coffee House

2nd: Alpine Air Coffee Hut

3rd: Yeti’s Post

Best Burger

1st: The Brakeman American Grill

2nd: Citizen 33 Brewery

3rd: Basin Burger

Best Mexican

1st: Agave

2nd: Valle Del Sol

3rd: Hacienda Cuajimalpa

Best Pizza

1st: Tatanka Tavern

2nd: Pizzeria Alpino

3rd: Get Baked Prepared Food Emporium

Best Thai

1st: Chiang Mai Thai Kitchen

2nd: Teton Thai

3rd: Bangkok Kitchen

Best Cocktail

1st: Jim Haag’s Sidecars or Margaritas

2nd: Knotty Pine

3rd: Warbirds

Best Local Pour

1st: Highpoint Cider

2nd: Grand Teton Brewing Company

3rd: Citizen 33

Best Frozen Treat

1st: Victor Emporium

2nd: Corner Drug

3rd: Sloshies at the Trap Bar

Best Market

1st: Victor Valley Market

2nd: Teton Valley Farmers Market

3rd: Barrels & Bins Natural Market

{br class=”Apple-interchange-newline” /}Best in Dining

1st: Forage Bistro & Lounge

2nd: Chiang Mai Thai Kitchen

3rd: Warbirds Cafe

The Arts

Best Fine Arts

1st: Linda Swope

2nd: Helen Seay

3rd: Cy Whitling

Best In Craft

1st: Chelsea Pottery Co.

2nd: Steve McDonald

3rd: Close Knit Weavers

Best Music Venue

1st: Music on Main

2nd: Knotty Pine

3rd: Tetonia Club

Best Photographer

1st: Linda Swope

2nd: Mary Toft

3rd: Lara Agnew

Best Musical Act

1st: Lina Marquis

2nd: The Balsamroots

3rd: Ben Winship

The Homestead

Best In Decor

1st: Guchiebird’s

2nd: Festive Living

3rd: MD Nursery

Best Landscaper

1st: MD Nursery & Landscaping

2nd: BlueBird Lawn and Landscaping

3rd: Green Mountain Gardens

Best Propane Company

1st: Holiday Propane

2nd: Fall River Propane

3rd: Valley Wide Cooperative

Best Realtor

1st: Amy Dery

2nd: Tayson Rockefeller

3rd: Zach Smith

Best Storage Facility

1st: Summit Self-Storage

2nd: M&J Storage

3rd: Flying Saddle Storage

Best Auto Mechanic

1st: Sue’s Roos

2nd: Teton Valley Auto Repair

3rd: Grand Lube & Tire Service

Best Tire Shop

1st: Kaufman’s OK Tire

2nd: All American Tire & Brake Victor

3rd: Tetonia Tire & Service

Best Florist

1st: Red House Flowers

2nd: The Flower Shop at MD Nursery

3rd: Cottage Creations Floral & Gifts

All Business

Best Customer Service

1st: Jeanne Atkinson at Alliance Title

2nd: Peak Printing

Tied for 3rd: Corner Drug, Get Baked Food Emporium

Best Employer

1st: Alliance Title

2nd: New West KnifeWorks

3rd: City Pass, Inc.

Favorite Family Event

1st: Music on Main

2nd: Victor 4th of July Parade

3rd: Teton Valley Rodeo

Best in Banking

1st: U.S. Bank — Driggs

2nd: KeyBank

3rd: U.S. Bank — Victor

Best in Lodging

1st: Teton Teepee Lodge

2nd: Teton Valley Resort

3rd: Teton Springs

Favorite Nonprofit

1st: Seniors West of the Tetons

2nd: Aska’s Animals

3rd: Friends of the Teton River