Amy Fradley

Amy Fradley

The Teton Valley Foundation Board of Directors enthusiastically announced on Sept. 3 that current interim executive director and seasoned program manager Amy Fradley will take the helm as executive director of the foundation.

“The Board has watched Amy grow Music on Main over the past six years and after each music season, she exceeds our expectations,” Board Chair Jenny Wade said.

In the midst of an uncertain and difficult summer, which included the heartbreaking decision to cancel the Music on Main season in light of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, Amy stepped in as interim executive director and not only guided the foundation through the difficult past few months, but planned and executed a hugely successful event—Music on MainStream—that raised more than $50,000 to help fill the void of lost funds.

“She blew it out of the water with Music on Mainstream, creating a safe environment for such a unique live music event,” Wade continued. “The entire Board secretly hoped that Amy would take the job when she stepped in as interim. Her capability and creativity are impressive. We could not be more excited and confident with Amy at the wheel.”

Her grace under pressure, leadership ability, and creativity has been a huge asset to the board while we navigated the realities of the summer.

“Teton Valley Foundation has made such an impact on my life personally, since my husband and I attended our first Music on Main in 2005 and then over the past 6 years as program manager of Music on Main,” Amy Fradley said. “The success of Music on MainStream was the icing on the cake. For me, it’s all about bringing community together and I am so proud and honored to step into the role of Executive Director. I look forward to working closely with the staff and board to keep our community skating and dancing together for years to come!”

Amy brings a knowledge, skillset, and passion to the foundation. She has executed successful Music on Main concert seasons, guided the rink programming, and brought her expertise year after year to all that the foundation does. She has 30 years of experience working in hospitality, property management, and event planning. Previous to her time with TVF, she held the position of Art Fair and Events Director for the Art Association of Jackson Hole.

Through her role as program manager, Amy has spearheaded the organization, planning, and booking of talent for the celebrated summer concert series, Music on Main. Amy has also played a key behind the scenes role to rink programming and management. Her years of experience coupled with a deeply rooted passion for music, recreation, and this community give her the tools to take on this next chapter.

In addition to officially hiring Amy Fradley as the executive director, Teton Valley Foundation has also brought in Victor resident and seasoned rink staffer Miranda Milligan as the rink program manager. As we plan for the upcoming season of skating and hockey at Kotler Ice Arena, we are confident in the fantastic team in place to guide the programming, ensure all safety precautions are taken, and help foster a fun and fantastic atmosphere we have come to know at our local rink.

“When Miranda came on board it felt like our staff really came together,” Wade said. “Both Amy and Miranda are level-headed women with a true love for Teton Valley Foundation. The board looks forward to engaging with such strong leadership.”