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Dave Udy, with the help of his son Jaxsen, just started Teton Clean Can, a unique service in the valley.

Teton Clean Can offers unusual service 

Dave Udy used to work for Voorhees Sanitation before RAD Curbside took over local waste hauling, and he said that on service days he watched residents hose out their dirty, empty cans onto their lawns after he had collected their trash. That gave him an idea.

He did some research and found a company that manufactured can-cleaning trailers. Udy started formulating a business plan in December. The $65,000 model he purchased holds 525 gallons of water and can pick up and power wash two residential trash cans at once. The trailer arrived a few weeks ago and Udy opened for business as Teton Clean Can. He and his 11-year-old son Jaxsen have been cruising around the valley in their white pickup towing the big orange trailer and hanging out at the transfer station on Saturdays, getting the word out.

“Business is picking up faster than I expected,” Udy said. “We’re trying to get our name out and be seen. People have just learned to deal with the smell of dirty cans in their garage and we’re trying to make people realize this service is available.”

The service is $15 for the first can and $10 for each additional can. Udy doesn’t currently have the ability to wash dumpsters but there is a trailer on the market that can do so, and it’s Udy’s long term goal to expand his business offerings to dumpster cleaning.

The cleaner deodorizes and disinfects cans by blasting them with 200 degree water. The gray water that results is stored in a second tank and Udy disposes of it at RV dump stations. There are no chemicals involved.

“It’s eco-friendly, bio-friendly, pet-friendly,” added Jaxsen. He’s been a big help to his dad in the new venture.

“He loves to work,” Udy said of his son. “Teton Clean Can is family owned and family operated."


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