Felt kids

This photo labeled ‘Felt Kids’ shows a few of the younger residents of the community posing up against a building. It’s not dated but check out those boots.

Growing up in Teton Valley I recall the town of Felt as the place along Idaho Highway 32 where the name of the town was stenciled on the roof of a big building.

I’m way too young to remember the town in it’s heyday, when there were several businesses, a movie house, grain elevators, a school and pretty much all that was needed by the many ranchers and farmers who settled there.

The town itself was dedicated in September of 1911 by the Felt Investment Co., whose members came from Salt Lake City and settled the ground around Badger Creek. John Felt and his brother Jim had arrived in 1889 to make desert entries to claim the land along the creek.

According to B.W. Driggs’ History of Teton Valley, Ed Morris was the first settler in the area. He arrived in 1890, built an irrigation ditch from Beaver Swamps on Dry Creek and in 1891 established a saw mill he later sold to James T. Beard, who had operated it for him.

Plenty of dry farms were operating, as were a couple of cattle ranches. There was a state high altitude experiment station there, as well as the railroad.

For a time it looked like Felt might become one of the bigger towns of the county, but it didn’t pan out.

In the late 1920s a fire halted progress, burning down many businesses and the school.

Edlefsen is a volunteer at the museum.


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