Victor Hotel burn96.jpeg

A dramatic middle-of-the-night fire burns down the Victor Hotel and Cafe Oct. 9, 1963. 

Fifty-eight years ago a fire alarm atop the Victor Hotel and Cafe sounded at 2 a.m., awakening the town. The alarm signaled that the building housing the alarm was burning.

That’s how an account in the Teton Valley News describes what happened Oct. 9, 1963, at the building, which housed the hotel, cafe, kitchen, dining room and laundromat. The businesses where closed for the season, except for the laundromat.

The story says the hotel was owned by Mr. and Mrs. L.A. Marshall of Salt Lake City, who had closed the operation for the season just two weeks prior.

Damages were listed at $25,000. The building reportedly was built in 1913.

Luckily for history, Lorin Kearsley documented the fire with photographs, including the one printed here. Kearsley’s family has donated his historical slides to the Teton Valley Museum.

Edlefsen is a volunteer with the Teton Valley Museum.