kunz family.jpg

A portrait of the Miford and Lucy Kunz family 

Among the scores of family history books on the shelves of the Teton Valley Museum is this bound history of the Miford and Lucy Kunz family. A big thank you should go out to all of those history and genealogy buffs out there.

Without those people who feel compelled to trace and tell the history of their families, the Teton Valley Museum would have a whole wall of empty shelves.

Some of the histories are thick and professionally bound. Others are photocopied with grainy pictures and handwritten captions.

But they all tell tales of the early days, how the people who ended up here got to Teton Valley, how they lived, where they went to school and worked and how they died.

The museum is always interested in books of family history that add perspective to the Teton Valley community.

When you make a copy of your family’s history, make an extra and share it with the museum.

Next time you visit the museum check out the shelves of the library to find out if your ancestors may have written a book.