Byron Driggs, 1966.bmp

Byron Driggs

There are a couple of things my family can be happy about my grandfather’s obsession with journaling. First we get to see his impressions day to day of life in Teton Valley. We can also be glad of my brother’s obsession with transcribing the journals.

The son of Teton Valley pioneer Benjamin W. Driggs, Byron Driggs added a summary at the end of his diary of 1971, 50 years ago this year.

“The year 1971 went along about usual, very little sickness in our family. This year was the 1st year in 17 we stayed home for the winter. The crops were extra good this year. Also, the prices were good. As to the war, I believe is quite a lot better and several thousand are coming home. We had a price and wage freeze for 90 days in August and believed to done some good. We had one bad murder this summer. 3 teenaged Mexicans were killed.

We made a 2-week trip to Utah and another 2 weeks in Montana and the Park, the only places we have gone. The huckleberrying was fair to good this year.

All our boys have been very busy. Jack extra busy in his new [chimney]. We have 2 grandsons, Allan and David, on missions this year, one in France (Allan) and David is around N.Y.

This summer was not too good for flowers, too much cold weather. The new ski hill done very good this year and brings a lot of new faces to the Valley. We have a new motel unit built this fall, a sure nice one. Also more buildings being built this year and some of this in the $50,000 class. The land that sold for $100 per acre now sells on an average for farms $500 per acre and home sites as high as $4000 per lot. Some 8 new businesses opened up in Driggs and one closed. Also 3 new real estates busy now operating. I resigned from the Driggs cemetery board after 16 years. I went fishing less this year as too old age, I guess. As to the records, this Dec was the worst winter as records for storms and cold weather.”

Edlefsen is a volunteer with the Teton Valley Museum.