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People protest the Victor mask order outside of city hall on Sept. 9. A modified order, which will go into place this Friday, states that business owners no longer need to require (but should strongly encourage) masks for customers or patrons of indoor spaces. Employers, employees, and students are still required to wear masks. 

Businesses don't have to police clientele, mayor says 

The City of Victor announced on Wednesday that, starting Oct. 1, the municipality's mask order would be modified. 

Currently, per an order the mayor issued on Aug. 26, masks are required indoors everywhere in the city. The new order, however, takes the burden off Victor business owners and employees to "police" customers and clientele. 

“While I think everyone should wear a mask indoors to limit the spread of the virus, I cannot expect owners and operators of indoor spaces to be the mask police and force people not under their direct control to wear a mask,” said Mayor Will Frohlich in a press release on Sept. 29.  

According to the modified order, employers and owners must still require their employees, students and those under their care to wear a face covering or mask while indoors. Now, however, "patrons, suppliers, vendors, consultants, service providers or others are no longer required, but strongly encouraged to wear a mask or face covering while inside a public indoor setting," according to the order. Business owners can still require masks in their establishments if they choose. 

“Every reasonable effort will be made to gain voluntary compliance with the terms of this order prior to issuance of a fine, including providing complimentary masks, explaining the importance of wearing facial coverings during this pandemic, and issuing verbal and written warnings," Frohlich said. "However, if an owner or operator fails to comply with the order after being warned, the city will not hesitate to impose civil administrative fines and pursue other actions as authorized under the city’s municipal code." 

There are several exemptions listed in the order, including children under two and people with medical conditions or disabilities that prevent wearing a mask.

The order, which can be read in full at, will remain in place until Oct. 31 unless extended or terminated.

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