This past Saturday the 18th annual Teton Ridge Classic, coordinated by Dan and Melisa Streubel, took place at Grand Targhee Resort. Participants enjoyed perfect weather and waxing conditions for the race. This event attracted racers young and old from all skill levels including seasoned competitors to first-timers. It is the first of a handful of local races hosted in Teton Valley and serves as a fundraiser for Teton Valley Trails and Pathways and the Teton Valley Ski Education Foundation.

“All 140 competitors were high spirits and eager to get on course with many other events being cancelled this winter. High praise goes out to our program director, Nick Beatty, for making sure the course was laid out properly and to Dan Streubel for all his work in coordinating the race,” said TVTAP’s executive director, Dan Verbeten.

Streubel commented, “Even with some changes made for COVID, including interval starts, the race attracted more participants than expected, likely, because this is one of the rare timed races taking place in our region. There was excellent feedback from participants all around but in particular with regards to the grooming. Grand Targhee Resort produced an incredible Nordic track for all racers.”

“For TVSEF, this race is the very first competition many of our younger athletes ever participate in. It is an amazing opportunity for them to try competition in a fun, low pressure environment. For the older athletes, it is another opportunity to gain more competition experience with athletes from other clubs before starting ranked competitions for the season,” said TVSEF executive director Bridget Baumeister.

Of the 140 competitors this year, TVSEF had 23 athletes and three coaches compete.

24k Male — Dan Streubel (TVSEF Coach) — top 10 finish

14k Female — Lizzie Osteen (TVSEF Coach), Melisa Streubel (TVSEF Coach)

14k Male — Asher Jacoby — top 10 finish

7k Female — Daisha Jacoby — 3rd place finish, Aven Kelley — 4th place finish, Stella Minton — top 10 finish, Isabel Warner — 1st place finish

7k Male — Caleb Bender — top 10 finish, Sam Bender — top 10 finish, Jacob Collins — 3rd place finish, Finn Eidem — 2nd place finish, Arden Jacoby — 4th place finish, Grady Jensen, Zane Lindquist — top 10 finish, Liam Peterson — 5th place finish, Nate Streubel — top 10 finish, Tyler Trotter, Peter Warner — 1st place finish

2k Female — Emilyn Bender — 2nd place finish, Eloise Clark — 4th place finish, Salim Jacoby — 1st place finish, Penelope Jensen — 3rd place finish

2k Male — Olin Hugo — 1st place finish, Wesley Jacobsen — 3rd place finish, River Young — 4th place finish