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Teton Valley Community Recycling regrets to inform the recycling public that one of our most popular TerraCycle collections, the health care packaging recycling program, will be closing nationally in mid-October. We will be ending our collection on October 10, so please bring in any remaining accepted health care packaging including vitamin & supplement bottles, infant formula, any over-the-counter medication packaging, and foot care product packaging that you would like to recycle before then. Lids are ok for this specific recycling collection, however we cannot recycle prescription pill bottles. After October 10, your healthcare packaging will once again become non-recyclable trash.

TerraCycle is a voluntary recycling program for “hard to recycle” items that would otherwise end up in the landfill. The collections are funded by manufacturers of these products and includes shipping and processing at a specialized recycling plant. TVCR participates mostly in programs which accept all brands of a certain item to minimize confusion and contamination. These programs are not offered curbside or at the Transfer Station, but at TVCR’s two community collection points graciously offered to us by local business owners at the Geo Center in Driggs and at General Laundry in Victor. Please respect these businesses and our volunteers by only dropping off accepted items at our TerraCycle station. Traditional recycling can be brought directly to the County Transfer Station and Recycling Center or recycled curbside through RAD.

TVCR’s remaining TerraCycle collections will continue as long as they are funded. TVCR is currently able to recycle all of the following items: dental waste (used toothbrushes, empty toothpaste tubes, empty floss containers and all associated dental packaging); contact lenses and their blister packs; beauty and self-care products including lip balm, empty lotion tubes, lipstick, mascara and other cosmetic packaging; broken Tupperware/Rubbermaid-style containers; drink pouches including straws; writing implements (all pens, glue sticks, watercolors); Brita filers and all Brita products; empty deodorant tubes; razors and packaging; mouthwash bottles/lids; and more. We also allow drop-off of the following items to recycle or rehome locally or through other specialized recycling programs – batteries; printer ink jet cartridges; corks; aluminum pull tabs; bread bag tabs, and rubber bands.

Pick up a printed postcard with TerraCycle information at our Recycling Education Center in the Geo Center or you can print the complete list from our website tetonrecycling.org/terracycle

We’re very sad to see this popular program closing as we’ve been able to recycle more than 300 pounds of healthcare waste over the past two years. TVCR will continue looking for other ways for our community to reduce waste and reuse or recycle more.