This week founding board members Aska Langman, Jaclyn Pierce and Kara Pollard launched Aska’s Animal Foundation, a Victor, Idaho based 501©(3) non-profit.

Combining their collective passions and energy, Aska’s Animals will provide a progressive environment for animals—cats, dogs, pigs and more—through rehabilitation services, adoption, education and community outreach.

“So often through the adoption process, new pet owners find they need more support with an adopted animal who may be struggling with issues of abuse, behavioral needs, reentry issues,” Langman said. “We provide the needed support and services to ensure these adoptions will be successful by addressing the animal and person’s needs.”

As a new non-profit to the Teton Valley community, Aska’s Animals operates on volunteer support and will be participating in this year’s Tin Cup. For more information, please see www.askasanimals.org.