Grand Targhee

A Driggs woman was severely injured on Jan. 3 when another skier collided with her on a groomer at Grand Targhee. 

The family of Rose Yee Nicklas has started a GoFundMe to cover some of her medical expenses after she was struck by another skier while on the slopes at Grand Targhee on Jan. 3. 

The Jackson Hole Daily first reported on Jan. 8 that the Teton County, Wyoming Sheriff's Office was investigating the collision, which left Nicklas, a resident of Driggs, with a collapsed lung, pulmonary contusion, and lacerated liver along with a broken scapula, multiple broken ribs, shattered tibia and fibula, broken wrist, and possible concussion, according to the GoFundMe account. 

She and her husband Mike had been skiing cautiously down a groomer on Fred's that Monday afternoon when "a reckless skier in a ‘tuck’ racing position, going at least 30 mph" crashed into Nicklas from behind, her family posted on the fundraising page. The skier was wearing lime-yellow pants, leather mittens, a helmet, and goggles, and was skiing without poles. 

Nicklas had to be transported by air to Eastern Idaho Regional Medical Center with life-threatening injuries. 

Since then, she has been in the hospital. Danielle and Nicole Nicklas launched the GoFundMe on Wednesday and community members have already donated over $30,000 to help. 

TC WY Sheriff Matt Carr told the Daily on Wednesday that the investigation had wrapped up, and that his office was not making recommendations for criminal charges. Carr has not yet responded to a request for confirmation from the Teton Valley News. 

The Nicklas family is asking that anyone who was at Grand Targhee that day to contact the sheriff's office with any information concerning the incident. In a follow-up statement the family members said they are "incredibly grateful for the support we have received from family and friends in the Jackson Hole, Teton Valley, and National Park Service communities."