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The Teton Valley Food Pantry has moved back into town and will operate out of the school district administration office in Driggs.

Starting next week, the Teton Valley Food Pantry will be hosting distribution days at its new location in the Teton School District 401 office in Driggs.

The nonprofit’s lease in the Teton Business and Education Center north of Driggs is coming to an end this fall, so the organization began looking in the spring for a larger space to accommodate the growing services of the food pantry. The school district had approved leasing the old IT building, across the parking lot from the administration building, but in the end the admin building itself was deemed to be a better fit. The space offers around 900 square feet of usable real estate, and is very conveniently located for public school students and particip

The Teton Valley Food Pantry has moved several times in its 13 years of existence. Prior to 2019, the pantry was located in a small house on 1st Street in Driggs.

Friday, Oct. 22 is the final day for food distribution at the business center location. Starting Monday, pick-up will be on the south end of the building at 481 N Main St. Distribution times will remain the same for now: Mondays and Fridays from noon to 2 p.m. and Wednesdays from 3 to 7 p.m. Please call (208) 354-1658 with any questions.

The food pantry will be offering holiday meats to clients in November. Community members can donate a turkey through Broulim’s (by purchasing a bird and leaving it with the meat department) or another vendor.

Director Sue Heffron said the public is welcome to check out the new location, and that the nonprofit staff and board are very grateful to the school district for working with them to find a new home for the pantry.

“Monte [Woolstenhulme, superintendent] and the school board have worked very hard to make this space usable and affordable,” she said. “We are so thankful.”

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