Shoppers wear masks at the local grocery store in Driggs, Idaho

Shoppers wear masks as they emerge from the grocery store in Driggs in November. Grocery, convenience store, and food pantry workers are next in line for the vaccine, and are tentatively scheduled to start receiving doses in early April. 

The COVID Vaccine Advisory Committee met on February 19 and finalized the next groups of Idahoans to receive the COVID vaccine as soon as the Governor releases a date for that to start, which is tentatively scheduled for early April. Following is a list of those groups:

• Food and agriculture workers (including food processing workers)

• USDA processing plant inspectors

• Grocery, convenience store, and food pantry workers

• Idaho National Guard if not included earlier

• Manufacturing, public transit, and U.S. Postal Service workers

• Subset of essential gas, electric, water, and telecommunications utility workers, who work indoors

• Homeless shelter residents

Although an exact date has not been released yet, we are preparing now for scheduling appointments for these groups when they become available. If you are a member of one of these groups and wish to be vaccinated, please go to our website ( and register on our waiting list. Once the Governor determines a date for that group to begin getting vaccinated, we will start calling people on the list to schedule their appointments.

If you are a member of a group that is currently eligible to receive the vaccine and want to be vaccinated now, please call our office at 208-533-3223 to schedule an appointment for an upcoming clinic. We are currently scheduling into late March/early April. Groups currently eligible for the vaccine include residents of long-term care facilities, healthcare workers, first responders, K-12 teachers and school staff, correctional and detention facility staff, and individuals 65 years of age and older. For a more comprehensive list of people currently eligible to receive the vaccine, please go here:

We are no longer having currently eligible people register for a wait list as we are now to a point where we can schedule people without having a wait list. Once the next priority groups are opened though, anyone from previous priority groups that wants to be vaccinated will have to register online on our website to get on the wait list.