Need I say more? Well, you know me, dear reader...

Broken from the drudgery of more than a year behind masks, folks of all ages outdid the sun with their brilliant open faces and filled Driggs Plaza with happy chatter. A small child hugged a huge bunch of fresh lovage. A young woman smiled behind an equally big bunch of fresh flowers. Erika of Full Circle Farms left her post to demo one of her hand-made hula hoops (made from discarded irrigation tubing). Spontaneous laughter rippled through the event like a sparkling stream...

Most of our regular vendors were present with more expected next week and the weeks to come. Sufficient quantities of produce held some back, but with this summery turn of weather, we anticipate a full Market sooner than later. Nevertheless, our kick-off was a treat for eyes, ears, bellies — and noses! Aromatherapy treats abounded, from Annie’s Jackpine lavender and lavender products to our impressive bakers’ homemade breads and sweet baked products to the fresh flowers grown locally in fields filled with vegetables. For those folks with gluten sensitivities, Dave and Debbie’s Knit2Gether Kinders offers gluten-free baked goods — cookies, scones, banana and white bread, treats, and seed crackers. You’ll also find their own goats milk and some of Debbie’s knitted products.

The Market is happy to welcome an artisan-of-the-week this year, and Close Knit Weavers were equally happy to be our first! With them they’d brought a goodly supply of their hand-woven and knitted clothing, scarves, and shawls as well as some of their signature hand-made purses. They will be joining the other artisans just up the street at Artisans at Mugler when it opens Friday June 25th — or back on Driggs Plaza whenever a spot opens up!

Our Market would not be complete without the presence of our non-profits. With their 14th annual Tin Cup Challenge rapidly approaching, the Community Foundation of Teton Valley is back in their accustomed spot near the Rock Gym/Geo entrance. We were happy to note their booth enjoyed a goodly stream of interested folks picking up this year’s tee shirts, signing up for their Fun Run and 5K and 10K races, and hopefully giving some serious thought to donating to our non-profits without whose services this Valley would not be the same splendid place to call home or to visit. Two of our youngest visitors were willing to showcase the Foundation’s tee shirts on everyone’s behalf — thank you, Henry and Amelia — our Tin Cup Twins!

Happy summer season, everyone!