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The Teton Valley News welcomes letters and guest editorials from readers. Letters must be kept to 400 words or less. Guest editorials are limited to 800 words and space must be requested in advance. The deadline for both is noon on Monday unless express permission is given for a later deadline. The Teton Valley News reserves the right to refuse a letter for publication, for any reason. We’ll consider concise letters that offer a new perspective or add depth to the discussion of an issue. We prefer letters that refer to news items or commentaries that have appeared in the TVN. If a letter or editorial raises claims or makes allegations, these may be subject to verification depending on the specific circumstances.All letters to the TVN are subject to editing for length, clarity and accuracy. The opinions expressed are the writer’s own, and when time allows, we’ll confer with letter writers about editing. To be considered for publication, letters must include the writer’s name, address and contact number for verification. Only the name and city of residence will be printed. We will not accept anonymous letters, and will not withhold a writer’s identification by request. Electronic correspondence is preferred. If a letter is mailed, hand delivered or hand written, the deadline is noon on Friday. If sent via email, letters must be sent to letters@tetonvalleynews.net. If mailed, the address is 75 North Main, Driggs.

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