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What if an illustrated book taught lessons for children and for parents?

Driggs artist Jan Yalich Betts and pediatrician Dr. Bob Saul decided to tackle that question together. In August they published All About Children, an interactive children’s book that focuses on raising good citizens.

Betts illustrated her first book, Moose Lips, several years ago with a high school friend. Dr. Bob Saul, who attended Colorado College around the same time she did, read about Moose Lips in an issue of the college’s alumni magazine and got in touch. Saul lives in South Carolina and wanted to collaborate on a companion book to his adult book My Children’s Children: Raising Young Citizens in the Age of Columbine.

“We had very similar ideas about child-rearing and the things we wanted to present,” Betts said. “All About Children is a go-to guide about raising children to care about family and community.”

Betts explained that the book can be enjoyed on multiple levels. It has factual advice for parents and activities for kids, and tells a story about a family spending time together and serving the community. The book shows kids being good sports at a softball game, volunteering at the animal shelter, and visiting with seniors.

“This world is getting crazier by the day,” Betts said. “Anything you can do to broaden kids’ outlook about other people, about animals, about the community—it’s really important.”

Betts was halfway finished with her own project when Saul contacted her. Now she has resumed that book, which she plans to illustrate and write by herself.

All About Children is available at the Driggs Veterinary Clinic, where Betts’ husband Dr. Don Betts is the veterinarian. It can also be purchased on Amazon.