Teton County Commissioner Cindy Riegel and Teton Valley Health CEO Keith Gnagey accept donated PPE from NetJets pilot Mace Pinchal.

The last time Mace Pinchal saw the Tetons he was 10 years old.

The NetJets pilot said on Friday that flying into Teton Valley earlier this week was a beautiful trip. “And everyone was just so nice,” gushed the Houston, Texas man.

NetJets is a national airline owned by Berkshire-Hathaway. Teton Valley resident and NetJets pilot Mark Mundy was asked if he could transport a local cancer patient to MD Anderson Hospital in Houston in the hopes of avoiding a 23 hour long drive to circumvent commercial airlines.

Mundy accessed the Corporate Angels Network of which NetJets is a member. Through the Corporate Angels Network, private airlines and pilots provide services such as transporting patients from rural areas to metro hospitals for care. Mundy called Pinchal and asked for help. Pinchal didn’t hesitate.

Before the trip, Pinchal and Mundy reached out to Teton County to ask if the valley had any needs during the pandemic. They got a hold of Teton County Commissioner Cindy Riegel and Teton Valley Hospital CEO Keith Gnagay. Both agreed that the hospital could use more PPE — personal protective equipment — and N95 face masks.

So the NetJets family of owners delivered 1,000 N95 masks and 2,000 pairs of gloves to Teton County's Emergency Operations Center. The donated PPE is now on hand at Teton Valley Hospital for COVID-19 testing and other medical procedures.


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