A Rancher’s Love

Bryce Angell

Thanksgiving Day had just arrived. Old Sam was now alone. His bride of 60 years had died and left their happy home.

He wondered, “Am I thankful for this long Thanksgiving Day?” He hoped his kids would show, but they all lived too far away.

Then Sam rolled out of bed. The pinewood floors were freezing cold. He threw some kindling in the stove and faced the lone household.

Bessie needed milking. Would the rooster ever stop! Old Sam said, “I’ve sure got a mind to give his head a chop!”

Then morning chores were all complete. He wandered through the door. His mind went back to times so sweet; would there be anymore?

On this thankful day she’d always say, “We’re blessed beyond belief.” Could he feel that way throughout the day, with tears and all the grief?

He stoked the fire, then closed his eyes, falling half asleep. Then off to where dreams come about; someplace back in the deep.

He looked around and there she was still in her favorite chair. Thanksgiving roasted turkey was now wafting through the air.

The pies homemade, of course they were, with ice cream ala mode, were waiting just for hungry mouths to gobble down that gold.

She smiled at him, and clasped his hand, then kissed him on the cheek. With voice so clear he heard her say, “Oh please don’t feel so bleak.”

The feast was blessed, God thanked no less, and all they shared together. The time was spent throughout the dream to show love for each other.

The dream felt real; was it really time for him to leave this place? Just one more look into her eyes and see that heavenly face.

Then Sam woke up. To his surprise, no more was he alone. Thanksgiving Day, God found a way to take Old Sam back home.