Today I watched a game of high school soccer at its best. I swear my nerves were shrieking, frazzled bare, put to the test!

I came prepared for weather with my Fish Brand slicker coat. But forgot about the blood stains from the out-of-luck coyote.

My wife said, “Your old bloody coat might bring our team bad luck.” So, against my better judgement, left my slicker in the truck.

We watched our grandson playing. We were proud enough to scream. ‘Cuz after all, the young man is the captain of the team.

Our grandson’s team scored first. That didn’t take away the heat. The other team then kicked it in like “Never can be beat.”

The teams were giving all their worth. They fought both tooth and nail. When heaven opened-up the clouds, dumped soaking rain and hail.

The wind began to blow a force just like an angry sow. I cried, “My bloody slicker would be nice and warm right now!”

The teams fought on like “No Tomorrow” through the wind and cold. When one of our team members found a hole and kicked a goal.

At two to zilch, one minute left, we owned the soccer game. But then the opposition made the first goal to their name.

With seconds left to play, a flag went up for all to see. A call against the goalie. Seemed a fishy call to me.

The advantage of the kicker sent a speedy goal right in. The game was 2 to 2 now overtime would soon begin.

I stood there soaking wet. My body chilled right to the core. While my warm and blood-stained slicker laid there on the dang truck floor.

But then our boys held true and kicked the goal that moved ‘em up. At least that’s what they told me ‘cuz my eyes were frozen shut.

So, from here on I’ll wear my blood-stained slicker every game. I might look partial crazy, but I’ll be warm, just the same.

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