When friends are together the laughter is grand. Not much gets in their way. Good food, good fun, a story or two is soothing, some would say.

Good friends are special and near to your heart as you look across the fire. Their hearts are full from a good days ride. They don’t hold any ire.

You wonder if the next guy is lucky like you, surrounded by so many good men. It’s good to know you aren’t alone ‘cuz you have some friends like them.

The days of trust are simply scarce for the ordinary man. But, the trust of a friend is a powerful force, better than a good poker hand.

So, take care of your friends. It’s a debt you owe, though it ain’t written anywhere. Just remember their faces and who they are. That alone should cause you to care.

Some say that friends just come and go. For you that may be true. But for me a friend is a friend forever. That’s what I call True Blue.

And, if my friends meet those pearly gates before it’s my time to go. I hope they’ll wait and wonder just why I’m so doggone slow.

Then when we meet on the other side and cook up some heavenly stew. We’ll saddle our horses and ride side by side, the way we old cowboys do.