I’ve listened to Ben Franklin’s words of, “Early off to bed.” And then he says, “Wake early. You’ll be wiser in the head.”

He even boasts one further. States, “You’ll be a wealthy man.” And claims of pure good health. I say, “Work out and get a tan.”

So, Ben let’s talk about your words of healthy, wealthy and wise. It’s time I hollered foul ‘bout your to bed and when to rise.

‘Cuz I hit the sack, still daylight, “With the chickens,” some would say. And out of bed by 4 a.m. to meet a brand-new day.

My sleep routine has been with me for dang near most my years. But I sure as heck ain’t wiser. Was old Ben just drinking beers?

So, tell me does a wise man wake but cannot make a peep, when it’s so disgusting early, everyone is still asleep?

And while I’m sitting there alone, I think about my debt. ‘Cuz my pocketbook’s much flatter than a mallard duck’s instep.

So, Ben I guess I’m wondering when wealth will come my way? I’ll check my bank account, perhaps a stimulus today.

Well Mr. Franklin, I can say my health’s ‘bout like the rest. Instead of sleep I worry. I’ve gained an ulcer as my guest.

On the good side I drink Maalox. It’s a cure for all your ills. And if you like the taste of chalk, it’ll be one of your thrills.

Well, some say it’s all relative. To have is being rich. And living all these years makes me a wise old son-of-a-gun.

I don’t believe I’ll ever change the hours of my sleep. I guess I’ve found some blessings from Ben’s words that I can reap.

So, Ben I’ll give you credit. Guess your words ain’t full of lies. Compared to some my life is mostly healthy, wealthy and wise.