When planning for Thanksgiving, turkey always comes to mind. A turkey roasted to perfection’s what we’d always dined.

But then last fall a friend of mine said, “Try a goose this year.” His name was Tuck and when he talked it wasn’t very clear.

So, I loaded up my twelve-gauge and I hopped into my truck. Tuck and Hap jumped right on in. Now we hoped to have some luck.

We stopped by Merkle’s Store to get a Twinkie for our lunch. I thought we’d be out there awhile. Not sure, but just a hunch.

I introduced my company. “Meet Tuck and Hap today. Hap is my four-legged friend and Tuck, it’s hard to say.”

I asked old Mr. Merkle. “Hoping for a gander goose. Ya don’t know of a stray one or a tame one on the loose?”

Old Merkle said, “I’ve got a twenty pounder in the store. It’s yours for fifteen dollars, not a single penny more.”

I looked at Tuck. He shook his head. Said, “What a quandary.” I said, “We’re gonna buy the bird. That’s easier for me.”

At home I told my wife ‘bout how we shot the wild bird. And how the plucking took so long. The story was absurd.

Thanksgiving Day came soon enough. Our goose was golden brown. Tuck mumbled words I hoped were grace. Then we gobbled goose meat down.

“It’s sure a funny thing about this goose we ate today.” Those words were spoken by my wife. She had some more to say.

“Inside I found the packaged gravy, heart and gizzard too. And instructions how to cook the goose. Looks like your game is through.”

I looked at Tuck. He stared straight down. My neck was in a noose. Old Hap barked twice. I’m sure he thought, “You’re dumber than the goose.”