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Victor Elementary School.

Victor Elementary School will be closed the remainder of this week due to a surge in absences affecting both staff and students. 

A letter sent to VES student families and staff members states "we are down 7 staff members and have had over 60 students absent including those quarantined."

The letter was written and signed by Principal Megan Christensen, Superintendent Monte Woolstenhulme, ABC Director Diane Temple, and ABC Lead Teacher Cindy Hansen.

"I recognize this is difficult news. We are doing the best we can, but cannot function as a school without staff and increasing student illnesses. It is our hope that we can return to school with a healthy student and staff community on Monday, September 20th," said the letter. 

The school's leaders said than not all absences are related to Covid-19. 

"Not all of the staff and/or student absences are due to Covid-19. We have other illnesses with verified negatives for Covid-19 that are impacting our numbers," said the letter. 

Homework and other class materials will be sent out by staff, while healthy staff members will be "helping our janitorial and maintenance crews in cleaning and disinfecting our school during this closure."

After school programs will also be suspended for the Victor campus for the term of the closure.