BOISE — An Idaho senator tested positive for COVID-19 over the weekend, and the Senate is being warned of the possible exposure. Today, Sen. Van Burtenshaw, R-Terreton, was absent and appointed former Sen. Jeff Siddoway, also from Terreton, to fill in for him indefinitely.

The senator wasn’t named in the official notice that went out from Secretary of the Senate Jennifer Novak. “The senator self-reported the test results, and based on the report, we are notifying all senators and attaches about a possible exposure,” Novak wrote. “The senator was last at work on Feb. 12, 2021,” which was Friday.

Senators and staff were advised to continue to “be safe and practice techniques that we have been taught during this pandemic,” including hand-washing, social distancing, and masking, which “especially when social distancing is not possible, is strongly encouraged.”

Betsy Z. Russell is the Boise bureau chief and state capitol reporter for the Idaho Press and Adams Publishing Group. Follow her on Twitter at @BetsyZRussell.